Growth Mindset.

Always put yourself in a position of GROWTH!

What you bring into your heart, you bring into your home!

I choose to bring Love • Happiness • Respect • Wisdom • Righteousness • Compassion • Knowledge • Growth • Positivity • Creativity • Light • Health!

I choose to SERVE & WORSHIP God for the many blessings he has bestowed upon us! I understand that the purpose of God’s blessings is to enable me to be a great channel of blessing to others!

As a warrior of faith, I am called to take action! To put on the full armor and not just pieces…knowing that I will develop an UNMOVABLE FAITH that will be a great example for my wife, children, and everyone that I come in contact with!

I am a Warrior. I am a Husband. I am a Father. My purpose is to protect and love. I WILL DO IT AT ALL COST!!

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