The Warrior


The training God has you going through is TIMED & ON PURPOSE! It is strengthening you for where he has ordained you to go! No matter what, remember OBEDIENCE & FAITH is God’s way to the TOP! So, Put yourself in an environment that’s going to allow you to win!! Remember, Men are better when we SET A GOAL • WORK TOGETHER • & HOLD EACH OTHER ACCOUNTABLE!


“As iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another.” -Proverbs 27:17

September 2016, just before attending the Made For More Men’s Retreat 2, I humbled myself before god & ask him to transform me!

God answered my prayers through a Group of God-Fearing men! Men who also had everyday struggles as Husbands • Fathers • Brothers… It wasn’t an overnight transformation but rather a 9 month commitment, to the Every Man is A Warrior discipleship course, that would change the course of my life forever!



The material in the books are great but the course is not about the material, it is about the men! It is all about a changed life. When you learn how to do a Quiet Time, God shows up, and he touches the areas of the man’s heart that only he knows about! It bring about a transformation of the heart!

Since then, I have completed the EMAW course once and I’m currently leading a group of my own while involved in a 3rd group as well!!

If you are interested in joining/starting a group, contact me or go to Every Man is A Warrior  For more information!